Ellen Whitaker (July 24, 2009 – Source: Phil Cole/Getty Images Europe)

Ellen Whitaker is a British Show-jumper, currently ranked 16th by the British Showjumping Association. She was born on 5th March 1986 and lives in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Ellen is the daughter of rider Steven Whitaker, and the niece of riders John Whitaker and Michael Whitaker.

Ellen Whitaker started competing at the age of five, and has since accumulating a great deal of experience in the equestrian world. According to Horse & Hound magazine she qualified for HOYS at the age of eight.

Ellen Whitaker represented Great Britain in the European Championships in 2007, helping her country qualify for the Beijing Olympics by jumping triple clear. Unfortunately she missed out on being selected for the Olympics due to her horse, Locarno 62, being lame.

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Ellen Whitaker’s achievements to date include:

  • Winner of the 2010 Hickstead Speed Derby.
  • Winner of the 2009 HOYS show jumper of the year Grand Prix and Show Jumper of the Show.
  • Winner of the HOYS speed stakes in 2006, 2008 and 2009.
  • Winner of the HOYS 2009 Puissance.
  • Winner of the 2007 Hickstead Speed Derby.
  • Part of the European bronze medal winning team in 2007, and the silver medal winning team in 2003.

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6 thoughts on “About Ellen Whitaker

  1. Dear Madam Ellen,
    Hello, my name is Ahmed Nagy I am from Egypt. I am a big fan ! This year I came out second in the national championship (show Jumping) with my horse “Chocolate” at the “D” class (115-125cm). I was hoping to have a “professional” course in England, especially with you ! It would preferably be at the middle of August. So I was wondering if you can tell me if it is possible, if it is possible; can you please inform me of the details: price, address etc. And if it is not possible can you please recommend places to go ?

    Yours faithfully
    Ahmed Nagy

  2. i absolutely love ellen whitacker and use her as a role model to my 7 year riding hobby. i go to all the shows in hope that she will be there and have even her her autograph at hoys in 2012

  3. I am Charlotte Fleming and I am currently doing an Extended Project Qualification alongside my A-level studies. My project is asking the question ‘what is the perfect sports performance horse’. It is looking into the maths and psychics of horses; the angles at which the perfect jump is executed, the confirmation of the perfect sports horse (the angles at which its hocks are, the proportions of its body etc) and whether the perfect sports horse is due to heritage and good breeding or whether this can be taught. I am also going to look into how the rider affects the horses performance by looking at different styles of riding. My aim is to be able to bring in aspects of pure dressage and show jumping to be able to provide information to event riders on how to maximise the performance of their horses and themselves.

    I am writing to ask if you would be able to complete a questionnaire about if this topic interests you; would you use any research findings and put it into practice with your own horses. As well as how you think information like this would be perceived by the equine world. Also about what you think now, before research, about if a ‘perfect’ sports performance horse is down to breeding, schooling or a combination of these.

    Please let me know if you will be able to help towards my project in any way possible.

    Kindest regards,
    Charlotte Fleming.

  4. Hello,
    My name is Savannah Roper, I am 5 years old and think you are great. I seen you at HOYS last week and told my dad that I want to be like you when I am a bigger.
    He said if I practice lots with Bobby-Sox ill be like you and I will get a red jumping jacket just like you.
    Love Savannah xx


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